Spring Sale - Merriman & Pfister


Spring is around the corner.  While you’re out and about, bring in a receipt from any one of our retail neighbors, listed below, and receive 10% off your entire purchase at Merriman and Pfister.

(Not to be combined with another coupon)

Perfect Blend Espresso Bar and Cafe
Twisted Vine Wine & Tap
I Love Books
Ben’s Jammin’ Treasures
Four Corners Luncheonette
I Love NY Pizza
Great Wall
Swifty’s Restaurant and Pub
Andriano’s Pizza
I Fill Inkjets


are Baabaazuzu, Glatsical Creations and and Shupaca.  Gotta put away our warmest wares!
Warm things get you 15% off that item.

Our artists’ stories…
Sue Burns, Baabaazuzu co-founder, lead designer and CEO, can thank her husband’s laundry accident for her upcycled garment line. Her husband mistakenly put her favorite wool sweaters into the dryer, and rather than come to tears, Sue dismantled her beloved wears and transformed them into her now international brand.

Glatsical Creations:
Proprietor, Judy Glatt, Albany’s own Fiber Artist

is the brainchild of husband and wife tandem, Andrew and Lori Schuster. Travelling off-the beaten track in Ecuador brought about an unexpected immersion to the vibrant socio-cultural heritage of South America, and the discovery of an extraordinary fabric called, Alpaca.
Forming a brand that combines their environment-conscious minds and their dedication to fair trade and responsible business practices, Shupaca combines the couple’s surname and their esteemed product of choice, Alpaca fur.